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For those individuals whose financial affairs are more complex, such as a sole trader, an SSC (social security contribution) and PT (provisional tax) form must be submitted periodically during the course of the financial year. A company or a partnership might also be subject to pay PT during the course of the financial year.

Our Service

We are engaged by clients to prepare and to submit periodically an SSC and PT form. We further assist our clients by collecting and settling the payment on their behalf.

Related Material

We further offer an accounting service which allows for the preparation of the accounts on which the SSC and PT amounts are based on. More information can be found at the Accounting Service page.

For those clients that require to reduce their PT amount, we are further engaged to prepare and submit a PT reduction form. More information can be found at the Submission of PT Reduction Form page.

Furthermore, a tax return must be filed in the year following the financial year. More information is available at:

For those clients that do not have a local identification number and they require to apply for an SSC registration, we can further handle such application on their behalf. More information can be found at the Application for SSC Registration page.

We additionally provide the necessary assistance to our clients for any SSC and PT compliance matter. More information can be found at the Assistance for Tax Ongoing Compliance page.

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