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It might be the case that you are thinking of promoting a private interest, a particular professional or trade.

It might also be the case that you wish to address a particular social cause and would like to establish a non-profit association to fulfil such a purpose.

Our Service

We are engaged by clients to draft and set up a deed of association as well as to handle the registration process according to their wishes, including the necessary coordination with a public notary.

Related Material

Apart from handling the set up of an association, we also provide a registered address service. More information can be found at the Registered Address Service page.

Moreover we are entrusted to handle other requirements and obligations as part of the set up process. These include:

Following the entire set up process, an association has certain ongoing obligations that must be fulfilled. We offer such compliance services that allow our clients to meet such statutory obligations. These include:

Furthermore, each resident natural person acting as an administrator has another set of ongoing obligations that must be fulfilled. Likewise, we offer such compliance services in addition to the above. These include:

If an association intends to employ personnel and pay them salaries it must first apply for an FSS (final settlement system) registration. We additionally provide our clients with a payroll service. More information is available at:

Where an association is required to be brought to an end, its affairs must be wound-up together with the redistribution of its assets and property. More information can be found at the Liquidation of Association page.

For those interested in operating their business under a different legal structure, we additionally offer these services:

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