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Where an employer wishes to employ a foreigner, the employer is bound to make arrangements for an employment license prior to the commencement of the employment. Likewise, if a foreigner intends to be self-employed or act as a director and or shareholder of a resident company and desires to work and stay in Malta is also bound to obtain an employment license.

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We are engaged by clients to collect and to prepare the necessary paperwork as well as to oversee the entire employment license application process. An application can either be a new license or a renewal to an existing one.

Related Material

Where an employer wishes to recruit a foreigner who is not a national of the EU, EEA or Switzerland, the employment may qualify for the criteria under the key employee initiative (KEI) scheme which provides the benefit of a fast-tracked service for the employment license application. More information can be found at the Application for Key Employee Initiative Scheme page.

An employment license allows a foreigner to both work and stay in Malta. Where a foreigner only wishes to stay in Malta on a basis other than employment, we further handle the preparation of an application for a residence permit. More information can be found at the Application for Residence Permit page.

For those foreigners that naturally or inherently qualify for citizenship or the freedom of movement status, a different application must be prepared and submitted. Both citizenship and the freedom of movement status allow an individual to work and move freely in and out of Malta. More information is available at:

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