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When your business is experiencing growth and you require to employ personnel, you will require a solution to handle all compliance matters such as tax and social security contributions, entitlement balances and computation of net pay.

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We are engaged by clients to handle their payroll from start to finish. The service is fully comprehensible and includes compliance with both the tax and employment authorities. The only input we require from clients is the notification of any new or terminated employees, the number of hours worked and any entitlement taken during the period of the payroll being computed.

Related Material

Any business that intends to employ personnel and pay them salaries must first apply for an FSS (final settlement system) registration. We handle such registration on behalf of our clients. More information can be found at the Application for FSS Registration page.

In the case where it is required to employ a foreigner, we additional provide the service to prepare and coordinate an application for an employment license on behalf of our clients. More information can be found at the Application for Employment License page.

Where an employer compensates an employee for maternity leave, we further handle the application for a trust claim from the maternity leave fund. More information can be found at the Application for Maternity Leave Trust Claim page.

For those clients who have an internal payroll solution and only require our assistance for employer and tax compliance, we offer the following services:

Employers might also be interested in applying for a benefit scheme that provides them with a support measure from the government when employing people that have certain needs or challenges. More information can be found at the Subsidy page.

We additionally provide the necessary assistance to our clients for any employer compliance matter. More information can be found at the Assistance for Employer Ongoing Compliance page.

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