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Opening a bank account requires a substantial effort to prepare the necessary paperwork required for both the opening of such bank account as well as the provision of information for the satisfaction of the compliance criteria set out by the bank thereof. This can be both taxing and time consuming for the client. Moreover some local banks require a certified intermediary to submit such an application.

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We are engaged by clients to collect and to prepare the necessary paperwork as well as to oversee the entire bank account application process. Each application is submitted according to the client’s requirements and may also include other retail banking services such as a debit card and 24×7 internet access.

Related Material

The banker may in due course ask for additional compliance documentation for due diligence purposes. Like the bank account application process, such a request can be taxing and time consuming. We therefore provide the service to handle such requests on behalf of the client. More information can be found at the Assistance for Bank Ongoing Compliance page.

Apart from handling the bank account application process, we are also engaged by clients to handle any bank service application such as the provision of an electronic point-of-sale (EPOS) machine. More information can be found at the Application for Bank Service page.

For those clients who wish to obtain financing from their banker, we offer the following services:

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